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This award celebrates community initiatives to support each other through the difficult times that come with death, dying, loss and care.

Awards Shortlist

North Berwick Compassionate Community

This project has been working since 2015 to enable members of the North Berwick community to become confident and more comfortable about talking to, and supporting each another, with issues we all face during dying, death, and bereavement.

The project has offered its local community many innovative and creative opportunities to engage in conversations about death, dying and grief, through discussion, arts activities, music, creative work and setting up events to host popular guest speakers. Read more here: North Berwick Compassionate Community

Pushing up the Daisies

Pushing Up The Daisies is a pioneering Scotland-wide charity whose aim is for everyone in Scotland to know their practical options when someone dies. They are then in a position to decide if they want to take charge of what happens, doing everything themselves or working with a funeral director to carry out their wishes. The charity encourages people to look after themselves and look out for each other when someone dies.

For the past seven years, Pushing Up The Daisies has been inspiring communities in Scotland and beyond to support each other in the days after someone dies. They run online courses, national events and workshops and local ‘round the kitchen table’ get-togethers about the range of possibilities when someone dies. Trained volunteer Daisy Chain members offer one-to-one advice and information in their local area. Read more here: Pushing up the Daisies

No-one Dies Alone Ayrshire

No-one Dies Alone Ayrshire provides compassionate care to people who are alone and dying. They provide a nourishing presence for the person who is dying, and support their loved ones by helping to share the load. Their aim is to provide compassionate care, relieving the loneliness and isolation of end of life.

Their volunteers are ordinary members of the public who are trained in end of life changes/issues and have a kind heart. As well as the ‘no-one dies alone’ support, NODA Ayrshire also runs bereavement groups, regular health walks, gift packages to support personal care at home in the final days of life, and advice to those who wish to keep someone at home after the last breath. Read more here: No-one Dies Alone Ayrshire.

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