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Truacanta Dundee

The shortlisted team in Dundee tell us more about themselves and their Truacanta vision.

The Dundee Truacanta representatives all hail from different organisations and backgrounds yet have come together with a common aim: to explore how we can create a more compassionate community response to death, dying, bereavement and care in Dundee through working together. Each of us had originally applied individually to work on a Truacanta project but were enthused and excited by the opportunity to form a partnership approach.

Our team comprises:

  • Linda Sterry manages local charity Funeral Link who aim to prevent funeral poverty in Dundee by offering confidential support and helping the bereaved save money on all things related to funerals and in addition promote dialogue in preparation for funeral planning.
  • Nicola Mitchell ‚Äčis the Older Peoples Services Development Officer with Dundee Voluntary Action who's remit is to support the Older Peoples Services Network and to provide older people in Dundee with information and opportunities around end of life planning and care. At a time when 1 in 10 people in Scotland often feel lonely and with 40% percent of Scots Pensioners living alone, she is keen that Dundee can become a Compassionate City to ensure that no one dies alone.
  • Linda McSwiggan teaches at the University of Dundee and has a background in community nursing; she is keen to understand how universities and communities can best work together, on projects such as this one, to have greatest benefits for everyone.

It was clear when we first met that between the three of us we have a huge range of skills, experience and local contacts.

Even more clear was our drive and compassion to ensure that individuals who are dying are treated as compassionately as possible and that those who are bereaved have opportunities to access the sort of support that they may find helpful. From our early discussions, we have also already established that there are many other local organisations and individuals who are interested in joining us on this project.

During our first meeting it became apparent that just by putting our heads together there are lots of things already going on that the three of us are aware of, the toughest part of our application might be distilling down what exactly our proposal will encompass. We are all excited to be part of the Truacanta journey and to have the opportunity to take this initiative further to benefit the community in Dundee.

If you'd like to find out more or get involved, you can contact Linda Sterry at Funeral Link on

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