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The Reluctant Planner's Guide to Death and Dying

Good Life Good Death Good Grief's Development Manager, Robert Peacock, wasn't well-prepared for death. In his first months in the role, he set that straight.

In this blog, he explains how he went about getting his affairs in order. He sought advice on what to do and when and how, and then did something about it, all the while hoping that none of it would be needed for some time yet. Read on and learn how easy it can be to take action yourself...

Planning a Funeral

Last time on the blog, I looked at getting my finances in order so that I could cover my end of life expenses and provide for dependants when I'm gone. Now that allows me to theoretically fund a funeral, here comes the “fun” part – planning my own funeral.

Financing a funeral

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Writing a Will

The third and final piece of the legal jigsaw to get sorted is my will.

Advance Directive

Power of Attorney

In a previous job, one of my tasks was to collect emergency contact details for the older people we worked with. Sadly, as with so many old folk these days, there wasn’t always a family member nearby. “Well I suppose it’s so-and-so, she has my power of attorney,” would be a common answer.

Getting started

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Before I die I want to ...
Bereavement Charter for Scotland