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Moving from talk to action on bereavement

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief and the Scottish Bereavment Charter Group are organising a series of events to encourage action around the 10 recommendations from the Scottish Bereavement Summit Report.

Improving Signposting to Bereavement Support and Information

The first in the series of events took place on 23rd January 2024, and explored how to improve signposting to bereavement information and support.  140 people attended, discussing questions such as what are we hoping to achieve by improving signposting? What would improved signposting look like? What steps are needed to get there? 

A recording of the presentations given at the session is available to view here: Recording: Improving Signposting to Bereavement Support and Information

The unedited notes compiled by participants at the meeting are available here: Unedited padlet notes 

A summary of the key points is available here: Bereavement Signposing: a draft vision for Scotland

Improving Signposting to Bereavement Support and Information Part II

Tuesday 19th March, 10am-12pm, on Zoom

At this event we will look at the report from the January event and look at how those of us working in the sector can build on this to take action that will achieve meaningful change.  The hope is that the meeting will be action-oriented and that delegates will come prepared to contribute ideas and to commit to taking practical action on behalf of their organisation.  More information and booking is available here: Eventbrite

Employer seminar: Supporting employees through bereavement

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED.  More information to follow.

The third in the 'Moving from Talk to Action' series will focus on Recommendation 6 of the Scottish Bereavement Summit - "Encourage and support workplaces to be better at supporting bereaved staff". The event is aimed at employers, senior management and HR professionals from all sectors, including business, commercial and retail.

The event will be an opportunity for delegates to explore practical ways that they can take action to make their workplaces more supportive of people who have been bereaved. 

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