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Demystifying Death Awards 2023

Inspiring Community Shortlist - No One Dies Alone Ayrshire (NODA)

We are a registered charity made up of compassionate volunteer companions who kindly volunteer their time to sit with people who are dying in their final hours. Our volunteers provide companionship and a listening ear to anyone who needs support to ensure no-one is left feeling alone or isolated. We also work with those who have families who need a break or some support, and offer them help laying their loved one out at home if they wish to do so. We run two local bereavement support groups and offer one to one bereavement support.

We have a new project called Sandy's Toolbox which offers a crisis care package of practical items for families who need them such as wipes, pads, mouth swabs etc. The toolboxes also come with some leaflets on how to do a bed bath for families who find themselves suddenly in that position.

Our ethos is to make a difference in the local community by training, empowering, and supporting members of the community to help each other at the end of life. We are working at many different levels to instigate this change and are part of the progressive death movement currently sweeping the nation, bringing back a sense of care and naturalness to death, dying and grieving.

Our volunteers are ordinary members of the public, but many are also professionals including nurses, ex nurses and others from the care sector who know how much our service is needed. We continue to use their invaluable feedback to adapt our

training and improve our services. We also encourage our volunteers’ continuous self-development and provide clinical supervision and peer support for our staff and volunteers.

We are the first project of this kind set up in Ayrshire and have been up and running since October 2018. We received our charitable status in October 2019 and continue to go from strength to strength as we gain more volunteers and supporters.

Our volunteers now number 43 and we have 5 board members. We have ongoing recruitment and training as these numbers increase.

Find out more at NODA's website.

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