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Scottish Bereavement Friendly Workplaces Toolkit

How can an employer prepare?

We never know when someone close to us might die. And because individuals don't know, organisations don't know when a death may affect one of their staff. It is best to be prepared.

The wrong time to be sorting out your organisation's approach to bereavement is in the midst of an employee's bereavement.

The right time is now, so that when a bereavement does happen you're able to respond sensitively and swiftly to make sure your employee has all the support they need.

Making sure you know your legal obligations is important, as is having a robust bereavement policy in place. These should be done well in advance of being needed.

However, a lot of good can be done by fostering an open and supportive atmosphere in the workplace in general. Staff should know who they can turn to - be it a manager, HR officer or buddy - at a time of crisis, including a bereavement. They should feel able to voice their concerns and difficulties.

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