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Scottish Bereavement Friendly Workplaces Toolkit

Being a supportive employer

Good workplace bereavement practice does not stop at the legal minimum. Employers should also look to put in place other mechanisms appropriate to their workplace.

Flexible working can help someone to reacclimatise to their workplace, or enable them to adjust to changes that can be brought about by bereavement. Some people may wish to dive straight back into their old routine, while others may need to work fewer hours for a while, or take a day or two off unexpectedly.

Employers should try to create an open and supportive environment so that bereaved employees who want to talk to someone, can do.

Next steps

Checklist of steps to take

This checklist shows the various ways that an employer can create a supportive environment for bereaved staff.

Case Studies

Check out these case studies that illustrate the difference that a supportive employer can make to someone who is bereaved.

Bereavement Charter Mark

Check out the Employer’s Guide to the Bereavement Charter and consider applying for the Bereavement Charter Mark.

Further resources

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