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Scottish Bereavement Friendly Workplaces Toolkit

Support for staff

Employees who have suffered a bereavement should feel supported by their workplace and colleagues. No-one can take away grief, but support and understanding can go a long way to not making it worse.

Reasonable time off is a legal requirement for employers. But this should be the minimum that employers offer. Workplaces should be an open and supportive environment for employees to return to, with options to re-balance workloads or work more flexibly if circumstances allow.

Elsewhere on the site we offer advice to managers for how they can help their workplace be more supportive.

In this section, employees can find out what their rights are, as well as get advice on how they themselves can make the transition back to work.

Legal rights and employer responsibilities

What should I expect from my employer? What do I need to do following a death? What am I entitled to after a bereavement?

Sources of support

How do I get support to cope following a bereavement?

Support in specific situations

What about employees whose child has died? What about death by suicide?

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