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Scottish Bereavement Friendly Workplaces Toolkit

Case Studies

Workplaces can be a huge support for people who have been bereaved - easing people back into a routine and providing support and companionship after a loss.

However, they can also do harm if they do not know how to handle a bereavement with sensitivity and care.

These case studies show the impact of both good and bad experiences with workplace bereavement care and emphasise why time and thought should be given to putting proper bereavement policies in place.

Case Study 1: "the five actions that helped keep me afloat"

Case Study 2: "my son died when he was only 6 days old"

Case Study 3: "it felt intrusive and I felt as though I was reliving the trauma"

Case Study 4: "I'm so grateful for that act of kindness that allowed me to do what I needed to do"

Case Study 5: "I was apprehensive, and worried about how I would cope"

Case Study 6: "my line manager was great all the way through"

Case Study 7: "my colleagues were very kind and supportive"


(Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

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