good life, good death, good grief

What can I do?

By joining the Alliance, you become part of a network of like-minded people and organisations who share the belief that being more open about death is a good thing.

If you agree with what Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief is trying to achieve, but aren’t clear about what you can do to support this, please see the selection of ideas we have prepared. We hope that this selection will provide some inspiration and ideas for activities you might wish to undertake.

Alternatively, give us a call, and we can talk about how you or your organisation might be able to contribute to the work of the Alliance.

Your ideas

We expect that many members will have their own ideas about what needs to change in Scotland, and how this should be done.

For these members the Alliance can act as a support and a sounding board, to help individuals and organisations undertake the change they think needs to happen.

We are always keen to hear from members, and to update our online database with current activities.

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Before I die I want to ...