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What might a local project look like?

We are interested in supporting local initiatives that:

  • are focused on improving people's people's experiences of death, dying, loss or care in some way
  • are devised, led and implemented by communities themselves
  • involve organisations, groups or individuals from across different sections of the community.


We are open to considering a diverse range of projects, but it is important that projects are clear about their aims - what aspect(s) of death, dying, loss or care do you want to change or improve?

We are particularly interested in projects that aim to:

  • Create more opportunities for people to talk about, plan for, offer and receive support relating to death, dying, loss and care AND/OR
  • Encourage more supportive environments and cultures relating to death, dying, loss and care AND/OR
  • Increase people's knowledge, skills and access to information relating to death, dying, loss and care.


At this stage, we're only looking for expressions of interest, and it isn't necessary to have fully thought through your proposal yet.

However, when you're ready, the Scottish Compassionate Communities Toolkit is a resource that might help you to think through some of these issues, and gives a number of examples of types of activity you could consider.

You might be thinking about taking part in a festival of remembrance, working with employers to encourage more bereavement-friendly workplaces, introducing End of Life Aid Skills for Everyone public education courses, setting up a No-one Dies Alone project, or something completely different!

Whatever the activity, the aim should be that your community becomes more connected, and better equipped to deal with and help each other with death, dying, loss and care.

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