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The Truacanta Project - an overview

The Truacanta Project will support local communities across Scotland who are interested in taking community action to improve people’s experiences of death, dying, loss and care. Up to four communities will receive community development advice and support from The Truacanta Project for a period of two years.

The Truacanta Project will be developed over two phases...

Phase 1: Expressions of Interest (Deadline: June 2019)

Up until 15 June 2019, organisations, groups and communities were invited to express an interest in being part of the project. We were interested to hear from anyone who might be interested in getting involved, no matter what stage their idea was at, as long as it focused on improving people’s experiences of death, dying, loss and care in their local community.

Phase 2: Detailed application forms (December 2019)

From the expressions of interest we have received, a number of communities have been shortlisted and invited to complete more detailed applications. The Truacanta Project Manager will work with shortlisted communities from June - December, helping them to develop their ideas and work them into an application by December 2019 to become part of The Truacanta Project. (Deadline for applications 6 December 2019.)

What will it mean to be a part of the Truacanta Project? Read more...

Who runs the Truacanta Project?




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