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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there funding available?

There will be a small amount of money available to successful applicants, to cover low level costs incurred by their project development. However, funding is extremely limited, and the aim of The Truacanta Project is to provide advice and support to help develop a self-sustaining community project.

What does 'truacanta' mean?

Truacanta is a Scottish Gaelic word with meanings relating to 'compassion', 'merciful' and 'humane'.

The name reflects the fact that while the project is grounded in Scotland's unique communities and culture, it builds on learning from the international Compassionate Communities movement.

What do you mean by 'community'?

For the purposes of this project, the 'community' in question could geographical community or a community of interest. What is important is that the members of that community are participating in and benefiting from the planned activity.

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