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Scottish Compassionate Communities Toolkit

Creating Opportunities

How can a community create opportunities for people to talk about and plan ahead for ill health and death?

How can we make spaces where people can offer and receive support relating to ill health, death, dying and bereavement?

ideas you could try

To Absent Friends

Create an opportunity for people to come together in remembrance of people who have died by organising an event as part of the To Absent Friends festival more.

Death Revue

Tailor an event for the local community, with lectures, discussion groups, workshops, information sessions and arts performances on a variety of related topics. This might include information about wills, power of attorney, anticipatory care planning, local services, funeral planning more.

Monthly Gathering

Create a regular opportunity for people who wish to discuss matters relating to death, dying, loss or care to come together... read more.

Good Death Week

Use the national ‘Good Death Week’ as an excuse to undertake or initiate any of the activities above, or to run another activity for example a local short story or art competition on the subject of death, dying or loss... read more.

Planning Ahead Workshop

Arrange an opportunity for people to actively complete anticipatory care plans, in the presence of people who can give more.

Back Home Boxes

Back Home Boxes are filled with community donations of essential food items and delivered to people who live alone when they return home from hospital... read more.


Photo credit: Oban Hospice

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