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Scottish Compassionate Communities Toolkit

Demystifying Death Week

Could your community get a discussion started about the end of life as part of Good Death Week?

Demystifying Death Week takes place every year in May. It was set up to act as a focal point around which to create activities that support openness about dying, death and bereavement.

The thinking is that a critical mass of activity helps to raise the profile of the topic and capture people's attention. Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief support the week through social media and the #DemystifyDeath hashtag, the press and our regular e-bulletins.

Organisations and individuals can get involved in many different ways. Many of the other activities listed in the toolkit, such as Death Cafes or Planning Ahead Workshops would be ideal things to host. Practical events that spur people to take action are most appropriate.

For further inspiration you can see what other organisations are doing this year, or in previous years on our Demystifying Death Week page.


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