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Scottish Compassionate Communities Toolkit

Monthly Gathering

Most people don't feel the need to talk about death, dying and bereavement regularly.

However, many people will find that there comes a time when they would like to learn more about death-related issues, or share and explore their own experiences of death, dying, loss or care.

If someone wants to explore these issues with others, where do they go?

Organising a regular, informal, welcoming social event, such as a monthly death cafe or book club, means that there will always be somewhere for individuals to go if they find themselves seeking more information or people to chat to about death, dying or bereavement.

There are lots of ways in which your community could go about creating this kind of opportunity, for example you could run:

You probably have your own ideas, and might want to chat to people locally to get an idea what kind of event would go down well in your area.

Whatever you plan, it is important raise awareness and promote the event to all parts of your community so that it becomes something that people know about and feel welcome to attend when the time is right.

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