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Scottish Compassionate Communities Toolkit

Getting Started - learning from others

Though every locality has its own particular challenges and advantages, learning can be gained from the work of others.

A Road Less Lonely

A Road Less Lonely (SPPC, 2018) provides a helpful introduction to this area and is particularly focused on Scotland. Section 6 explores what is meant by the term 'compassionate community' and Appendix 4 gives an overview of relevant work underway in Scotland and further afield: A Road Less Lonely

Compassionate Inverclyde - Design Principles

The Compassionate Inverclyde programme is about enabling and nurturing kindness, helpfulness and neighbourliness in Inverclyde. Particularly helpfully for those thinking of establishing their own project, Compassionate Inverclyde have developed a series of 'design principles' that may be of help to others wishing to get started nurturing compassion in their own community: Design Principles

Further reading

Other projects and approaches that may be of interest for building an understanding of how different people have tackled these issues include:


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