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Scottish Compassionate Communities Toolkit

Nurture neighbourliness

The following projects and approaches may be of interest if you are interested in undertaking work in your local community to reduce social isolation and increase social networks within communities:

Compassionate Inverclyde

Compassionate Inverclyde is about enabling and nurturing kindness, helpfulness and neighbourliness in Inverclyde. It is about creating the conditions where ordinary people help ordinary people. Read more...

Strathcarron Hospice

Strathcarron Hospice has adopted a community development approach, working alongside local communities. Read more here: Strathcarron Hospice: Putting Community at the Heart of the Hospice Movement.

Community Circles

Community Circles is an approach which aims to help people to be more connected with the support of those around them, and more able to support people they care about. Read more...

Compassionate Neighbours

Compassionate Neighbours is hospice-led social movement of local people enabled and supported to be more compassionate in their local communities. They provide social and emotional support to people towards the end of life due to age or illness. Read more...

No-one Dies Alone

No-one Dies Alone is an initiative that trains and supports compassionate citizens as companions for people and families in the last hours of life. Read more...

Porous institutions

People who are old or very unwell tend to spend most of their time with other people who are old and unwell - in care homes, or in hospitals. How can we to support institutions become more sociable, and less 'institutional'? Read more...

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