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Scottish Compassionate Communities Toolkit

Encouraging supportive environments

Often, people want to help each other but find that something gets in the way.

For example, many people don't know their neighbours very well, so feel that offering support could be an intrusion. Someone might want to comfort a colleague, but feel unable to leave their desk because of workplace policies. Children in school may want to offer condolences to a bereaved teacher, but be warned not to by school management.

Are there ways to break down some of these barriers? Are there ways of encouraging more supportive cultures and structures within institutions such as workplaces and schools? Can local people take action to make neighbourhoods friendlier and kinder places?

Nurture neighbourliness

This section outlines some projects and approaches may be of interest if you are interested in undertaking work in your local community to reduce social isolation and increase social networks within communities. Read more...

Encourage supportive workplaces

This section explores workplaces as communities, and how to create workplaces where employees feel supported through the ups and downs of life by colleagues, managers and institutional procedures. Read more...

Create more supportive schools

This section explores how schools in Scotland can be encouraged and supported to provide education and support around death, dying and bereavement for children and staff in primary and secondary education. Read more...


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