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COVID-19: hoping for the best, planning for the worst

These web pages provide information for people in Scotland who may be worried that they, or someone they care about, is at increased risk of getting seriously ill and potentially dying from COVID-19.

Click on the headings below to find out more:

What to expect if someone is in an 'increased' or 'high' risk category.

Care and treatment available for people at home, hospital and in care homes.

How decisions are made about care and treatment.

Plans people can make if they’re worried about becoming seriously ill with COVID-19.

How a friend or family member can help someone who is very ill (and potentially dying) from COVID-19.

What happens after someone dies.

If you’re reading this information, you may be feeling anxious or worried. Please remember that most people, even those at increased risk, will recover if they catch COVID-19.

However, if things do get bad, knowing what to expect and how to respond can help to make the situation just a little easier. You may also find that having clear information eases some of the worries you have.

The information on these web pages specifically addresses serious illness, death and bereavement. If you are looking for more general information about COVID-19, including how to avoid spreading and catching the virus, please check out the official information provided on the NHS Inform website.

Further information and support

If you can't find what you're looking for above, you could try using the 'search' function on this website, or check out the full list of Frequently Asked Questions here: Frequently Asked Questions.

A list of organisations providing information relating to COVID-19 is available here: Further information relating to COVID-19

A list of organisations providing telephone or online support relating to COVID-19 is available here: Helplines and online support

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