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Demystifying Death Week

Social Media


Social media plays an important part of awareness raising during Demystifying Death Week.

Your support can make a big difference.

Images to share

We have developed some Demystifying Death Week flyers for sharing on social media (see pictures to the right). These can be downloaded here:

DD week banner -Shining light

DD week banner - Yellow circles

An opportunity to highlight your work

Many organisations will have resources or activities worth highlighting, for example a website, leaflet or support group relevant to death, dying, loss or care. DD Week is a good opportunity to sharethese on social media using the #DemystifyDeath hashtag - we can all work together to share each other's work more widely.

Ideas for tweets

You might want to tweet about an event you're involved in or a resource you think is particularly helpful. You could share a poem on the subject of death or dying, or a book with themes of loss or death. You could look for the #DemystifyDeath hashtag and retweet some of the work others are doing. You might want to share your own experiences or top tips.

If you're short of time or inspiration, check out our tweet sheet for ideas: Tweet Sheet

Grief in the workplace

We have worked with the Scottish Bereavement Charter Group to launch a new suite of resources help managers, employers and colleagues create more bereavement-friendly workplaces: Bereavement Friendly Workplaces Resources

Please use your networks to help spread the word about the new resources. Here are some images that can be shared to raise awareness:

Bereavement Charter Mark launch flyer

Workplaces Leaflet launch flyer

Workplaces Toolkit launch flyer

Communications Pack

This Communications Pack includes key messages suggests ways you can spread the word: Communications Pack

A template press release is available here: Press Release

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