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skin changes

The person’s skin may feel cold and change colour. The person’s hands, feet, ears and nose may feel cold to the touch (this is due to reduced circulation). Occasionally, a person’s hands or other parts of the body may swell a little. Their skin may also become mottled and blue or patchy and uneven in colour.

Should you be worried?

These changes are all normal parts of the dying process. If the person’s hands swell, please be assured that this is not usually painful. The swelling is not usually painful or uncomfortable.

Is there anything you can do to help?

It may be comforting to put gloves or socks on the person, and to make sure they are covered with a blanket or duvet.

You don't need to warm them up – but doing so may help you to feel more comfortable.

Gentle massage may help – the nurses may show you how.
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