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This award recognises endeavours to encourage forward planning for declining health, dying and death, whether relating to practical, legal, financial or medical matters.

The Daisy Chain by Pushing up the Daisies

Pushing Up The Daisies is a pioneering Scotland-wide charity, founded in 2016, whose aim is for everyone in Scotland to know their practical options when someone dies. They are then in a position to decide if they want to take charge of what happens, doing everything themselves or working with a funeral director to carry out their wishes.

Daisy Chain members are volunteers who have completed an online course and can give people guidance on their options when someone dies and share their local knowledge, for example of burial grounds, crematoria and funeral directors. They meet with people individually to do this and also hold ‘Round The Kitchen Table Sessions’. The Daisy Chain member introduces what is possible during the time between a person’s death and their burial or cremation. Find out more here: Daisy Chain by Pushing up the Daisies

ReSPECT in Scotland

The ReSPECT (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) process is a UK wide initiative to support a person-centred and values-based approach to emergency care planning. The ReSPECT process was designed by Resuscitation Council UK to prompt and support intuitive future planning conversations about realistic emergency care preferences between an individual and their clinical team and to enable this conversation to evolve as care needs and preferences change.

Developing and embedding ReSPECT has taken a huge amount of collaboration and perseverance from people across the system. This award nomination particularly recognises Scottish input to this work, including of the NES digital team who who have worked closely with clinicians and stakeholders to ensure and maintain the integrity of that person-centred approach; NHS Forth Valley, who under the clinical leadership of Lynsey Fielden became the first Board to embed the ReSPECT process; and Juliet Spiller Co-Chair of the ReSPECT Working Group. Find out more here: ReSPECT

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde: Planning your Care

This project works to increase staff awareness and understanding of ACPs and the current information sharing system; provide public facing information about planning ahead; and work more generally to increase knowledge and awareness around death, dying and bereavement.

The tiny team provide not only the core activities around training and information sharing, but a hub that is encouraging and connecting activity in the area of death, dying and bereavement across the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde region. Work ranges from a massive programme of Demystifying Death Week events, to creation of new training programmes, to increasing confidence and skills around caring, dying and bereavement through the End of Life Aid Skills for Everyone public education course.

Find out more here: NHS GGC Planning your care

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