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Get involved: Awareness Week 2016

Hold an event

Awareness week is an opportunity for interested individuals and organisations to undertake local activities to promote the positive benefits of planning ahead in relation to deteriorating health and death. This can encompass a range of activities, from an information stand promoting the importance of anticipatory care planning, Power of Attorney and having a will, to holding a death cafe.

If you are planning an event as part of Awareness Week please get in touch - we would love to promote it on the website.

As part of your event, you may like to:

  • display the ‘It takes a Village’ photo exhibition (see above)
  • have available the 11 GLGDGG information leaflets.
  • provide space for people to share their own experiences. ( We'd be pleased to receive photos of completed boards, and to send us the stories they’ve collected so we can add them to our online collection.)

More information about resources available and how to order them is available here: Awareness Week Resources

Award: Contribution to Openness about Death

For the first time this year, an award will be made to a person, organisation or publication in recognition of their contribution to promoting more openness about death, dying and/or bereavement in Scotland in the last 12 months.

Can you think of a person who you think has worked hard to promote more openness about death? Is there a publication that you think has had a positive impact on the way we perceive death and dying in Scotland? If so, please get in touch with your nominations.

Health Promoting Palliative Care Award

Each NHS Board area is encouraged to try hold an event in each of the following venues:

  • Hospital
  • GP surgery
  • Community venue (eg town hall, shopping centre)
  • Library
  • Secondary school
  • Arts venue
  • Sports venue
  • Cafe or pub

The NHS Board that manages to cover the widest variety of venues will win the first ever Awareness Week Health Promoting Palliative Care Award Scotland in recognition of their efforts.

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