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Key Information Summary

The Key Information Summary (KIS) is a collection of information about a person’s medical history and needs, extracted from the patient record kept by their GP.

A KIS has to be specifically created for each patient. This is a task normally carried out by the GP, and with the consent of the patient or their carers. The KIS information is automatically shared by the GP’s computer system twice a day, making this information available to other people and services who might need to look after the patient. For example, out of hours services, Scottish Ambulance Service or NHS24 may use the KIS to gain more information about people they are in contact with. If you are admitted to hospital in an emergency, then staff may look at the KIS to find information.

If there is medical information about yourself that you think should be available to other health professionals outside your GP surgery, it is worth checking with you GP that a KIS has been completed for you. A KIS can be used to share information about any discussions and plans you may have had and made with your GP.

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