good life, good death, good grief


Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief was established in January 2011 when the Scottish Partnership for Palliative invited interested individuals to join a small stakeholder group.

This stakeholder group worked with SPPC staff to establish and build up an identity for Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief. SPPC staff undertook initial work relating to establishing a terms of reference, work plan and communications strategy for the Alliance, inviting members and publicising the Alliance. The first members of the Alliance joined in November 2011.

Policy background

Living and Dying Well, the Scottish Government’s action plan on palliative and end of life care, was published in 2008. Amongst other initiatives the action plan recommended the establishment of a number of short life working groups (SLWGs) to take forward further developmental work on specific issues. One of these working groups (known as SLWG7 and led by the SPPC) was set up to address "the exploration of ideas and issues for addressing palliative and end of life care from a public health and health promotion perspective".

In its final report, SLWG7 made ten recommendations aimed at addressing existing societal taboos around discussion of death and dying and enabling people to feel more comfortable in speaking about such issues.

Living and Dying Well: Building on Progress was published by the Scottish Government in January 2011. Action 12 within the report stated that: "The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care should facilitate and lead the establishment of a broad-based coalition to take forward the work recommended by short life working group 7."

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief is the "broad-based coalition" as recommended in the report.

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