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How do I help a young person who's been bereaved?

Young people who are bereaved need the support of the people around them - family, friends and their school community.

Someone may not show how they are feeling, but this doesn't necessarily meant that they are 'fine'.

Often, adults and friends can be unsure of how to help, or what role they can play in providing support.

Below are some resources that can help you to support a young person who is bereaved.

Resources for people who want to help

Child Bereavement UK

Child Bereavement UK has lots of resources to help you understand and support bereaved young people. Check out their website here:

Whole School Approach

The Whole School Approach to Supporting Loss and Bereavement is a resource to help teachers support children and young people during times of loss, change and bereavement.

When people die: stories from young people

This comic was written by a group of bereaved young people and shares a range of perspectives on grief and what grieving means for young people.

Irish Childhood Bereavement Network

The Irish Childhood Bereavement Network has compiled a range of useful resources to help a teacher support a bereaved child and talk to the other students about what has happened: Teachers & Schools - Irish Childhood Bereavement Network

Traumatic Bereavement

Resources to help school and college communities identify, help and support traumatically bereaved children and young people: Traumatic bereavement for school & college communities.


If you are a young person who is bereaved

Here are some organisations that you can talk to:

Child Bereavement UK: Support for young people

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland: website

Hope Again: website

Let's talk about loss: website

Richmond's Hope: website


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