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"I have lost close family members who have passed away in hospital after long and meaningful lives. I was struck by the mode of their passing … I believe whilst we have moved on in leaps and bounds in many areas we have lost the bonds which existed in years gone by when communities looked after their own from birth to death."

– Linda Smith, Alliance member, Highland

If you are interested in helping to create a Scotland which is more open about death, dying and bereavement then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Membership is free, and open to all groups, organisations and individuals who wish to support the aims and objectives of Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief.

We believe that different groups and communities within Scotland will have different strengths, weaknesses, problems and priorities relating to death, dying and bereavement – what might work for one community may be completely inappropriate for another. We believe that groups and communities themselves will know best what their strengths, weaknesses, problems and priorities are.

Providing ideas

Most of the work of Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief is determined and undertaken by members themselves.

This website, and the GLGDGG stakeholder group, can provide ideas, direction, co-ordination and networking, but members have their own ideas about what is needed in their area, and undertake the work required themselves.

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Before I die I want to ...