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We have produced a number of short films on the subjects of illness, death and bereavement. These can be downloaded from our website free of charge, and used in a variety of situations, for example conferences, discussion events and training courses.

20 takes on death and dying

A 10 minute film, filmed on the streets of Paisley, Elgin and Inverness in 2011, in which ordinary people share personal reflections on death and dying.

Anticipatory Care Planning

A 2 minute film which introduces the idea of making plans for future changes in your health.

60 second shorts

Six short films, each aiming to demystify a different question relating to death, dying or bereavement.

To Absent Friends

A 3 minute film about the importance of remembering dead loved ones.

At Home with Illness

At Home with Illness is a film project in which three families, whose lives were changed forever when life-limiting illness arrived, share their powerful, emotional stories:

Jack and Dorothy's Story

An elderly couple try to come to terms with a devastating but little understood neurodegenerative illness - at home.

When things fall apart

How Multiple Sclerosis led to the breakup of Andrew's marriage to Catherine, his primary carer. And how they created a different future.

The Long Goodbye

A journey into the intimate heart of a family when a life-limiting illness comes to stay. Meet four remarkable people - Fiona, Gordon, Lucy and Emily - one of whom is unwell, all of whom are living with illness.


Grief Kind classes

In this series of five short video tutorials, Sue Ryder bereavement experts talk you through what grief is like and how you can support others who are grieving.

NHS Education Scotland

NHS has prodcued bereavement-related films for health & social care professionals on a range of bereavement-related topics.

University of Edinburgh videos


The Primary Palliative Care Research Group at the University of Edinburgh have produced a series of videos that explain the reasons for early palliative care. They are based on detailed research with patients, families, doctors, nurses and other health and care professionals about people’s experiences of living with declining health and dying.

How To Live And Die Well

This short video is for people who are living with progressive illnesses, and who want to plan ahead and talk with their family or close friends about what’s important for them if their condition worsens. (Accompanying notes [pdf])

How To Live And Die Well (group discussion version)

This short video is a group discussion version of the above. (Accompanying notes [pdf])

Early Palliative Care

This short video explains the rationale, the reason for early palliative care. It describes the three different typical patterns or trajectories of physical decline that most people have at the end of life, each with other typical dimensions of need. (Accompanying notes [MS Word])

Strictly Come Dying

This video discusses the different illness trajectories as though each were a dance with a particular tempo and complexity. Just as knowing the dance will help someone dance well, understanding typical physical and emotional sequences of various illnesses help people live and die well.

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