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End of Life Aid Skills for Everyone

End of Life Aid Skills for Everyone ONLINE is a free course for people who want to be better equipped to help friends or family who are caring, dying, or grieving.

The course includes independent learning, online forums and weekly zoom discussions.

Participants explore a range of issues that can arise when someone is approaching the end of life, and some practical ways a friend or family member can offer support.

By signing up for EASE ONLINE, you become part of small group of around 10 others working through the course at the same time.

It takes around three hours per week, for four weeks, to complete the course.

EASE ONLINE is for anyone who wants to be able to support someone with issues they face relating to death, dying and bereavement. The course welcomes adults of all ages, experiences and walks of life.

The course has been developed by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.

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