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What do you learn on the EASE course?

The course explores questions such as...

  • How can I navigate the health and social care system in Scotland?
  • What issues might crop up when someone is approaching the end of life?
  • What medicines and treatments can help when someone is dying?
  • How can I plan ahead for ill health and dying?
  • What emotional issues might affect someone who is dying?
  • What support can a friend or family member offer to someone who is caring, dying or grieving?
  • How do I offer help without interfering?
  • How can you look after yourself when you're looking after someone else?

The course teaches the basics of end-of-life care and address some of the fears and uncertainties people often have.

After completing EASE participants will...

  • be better equipped to provide informal support to friends, family and community members dealing with death, dying and bereavement
  • find it easier to deal with these issues when they have to face them themselves.
  • know where to find further information and support in relation to these issues.

The course does not provide counselling, and cannot address specific situations or problems raised by individuals.

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