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What does EASE online look like?

There are four modules. Participants have a week to complete each module, which they do in their own time.

This includes several short films, some quizzes, exercises, short extracts of reading and sharing individual reflections on online discussion forums with other people on the course.

Each week, participants join in a weekly discussion session via Zoom, where they can share their reflections and talk through any issues that have arisen during the week.

Participants complete four modules:

Module 1: An introduction to death in Scotland

This first module starts to explore what death looks like in 21st Century Scotland, encourages participants to think about the role of the health and social care system, and makes a start on getting comfortable talking about death, dying and bereavement.

Module 2: Serious illness and frailty

This module looks at some common issues that can arise towards the end of life and some of the emotional issues that can affect someone who is dying, as well as at what people can do to plan ahead to improve their end of life care experience

Module 3: The reality of dying

This week looks further at medicine and treatment; help and support; and emotional and spiritual issues, and participants start to think about active listening.

Module 4: Caring for the Carer

This module explores bereavement and some issues that can affect people who spend a lot of time looking after someone who is unwell or dying, and different ways people can look after themselves and each other.

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