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How does EASE work?

In both the online and face-to-face versions of the course we try to create a sense of community with other course participants and course facilitators, learning and working together to build confidence and comfort in dealing with issues and supporting others through dying, death and bereavement.

In the online course, we do this through discussion in online group forums and through weekly zoom sessions. In the face-to-face course, the weekly sessions include group exercises and discussions.

We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment where participants can grow more confident supporting others going through these difficult times, and to think about how they cope with these issues themselves.

The ethos of the EASE course is one of peer learning and discussion. Each person who participates in the course brings with them their own unique life experiences -as well as learning from course materials, participants will learn from each other.

Each course is led by two volunteer Course Facilitators. Course materials have been developed by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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