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End of Life Aid Skills for Everyone

End of Life Aid Skills for Everyone is a course designed to enable people to be more comfortable and confident supporting family and community members with issues they face during dying, death and bereavement.

The course has been developed by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care.

It is delivered free of charge by volunteer EASE Facilitators, and takes approximately 8-12 hours to complete over a period of four weeks.

EASE is for anyone who wants to be able to support someone with issues they face relating to death, dying and bereavement. It is delivered free of charge by volunteer course facilitators. EASE is designed for members of the public in Scotland, and welcomes adults of all ages, experiences and walks of life.

The EASE course does not provide training in palliative care or in clinical matters. It is not a CPD course. Some people may find the course of interest in their professional capacity, but in the event of limited places, priority will be given to lay-people.

What are the aims of the EASE course?

The course teaches the basics of end-of-life care and addresses some of the fears and uncertainties frequently held by members of the general public. It aims to help people to:

  • Become better equipped to provide informal support to friends, family and community members dealing with death, dying and bereavement.
  • Find it easier to deal with these issues when they have to face them themselves.
  • Know where to find further information and support in relation to these issues.

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More about EASE face-to-face

To hear about upcoming EASE face-to-face course dates in your area, join the waiting list here.

More about EASE Online

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EASE Leaflet

You can download a PDF of our leaflet here

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More Information:

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What do you learn on the EASE course?

How is EASE structured?

How does the course work?

Who facilitates the EASE course?

What is the difference between EASE Face-to-Face and EASE Online?

How do I sign up to do the course?

How do I become an EASE facilitator?


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