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Demystifying Death Week

6-12 May 2024

Since the first death awareness week back in 2013, each May, people across Scotland organise local events giving people the chance to talk about death, dying and bereavement.

All kinds of events take place, including workshops, death cafes, film nights, lunch groups, craft sessions, lectures, seminars, planning sessions and more.In recent years, many people have moved their events online.

Below are some ideas and resources for people considering holding an event this DD week, whether face-to-face or online.

Holding an Event Online

This Digital Event Resource Pack is designed to support small group discussions over zoom, with input and facilitation from local experts.

Ideas for Digital Events

Ideas of themes and discussion topics you can use for planning online events. This includes outline event programmes,films and resources on three themes: What happens when someone is dying?; Planning ahead;  Caring for the carer. Download here

Video-conferencing facilities

We can provide you with free use of a Zoom Pro account to hold an event during Demystifying Death Week, including: video conferencing, password protected entry, breakout rooms - so you can split your event into smaller discussion groups. Download more information here.

Resources to share with event participants

The resources below can be adapted and shared with participants in your event:

- Promotional flyer. download here (get in touch and we'll personalise it for you)

- Welcome letter for participants (download here)

- An introduction to using Zoom. (download here)

- Safe space agreement (download here)

Web listing and promotion

If you're planning an event, please get in touch - we can add your listing on to our website, and promote it through our social media and newsletter.

Holding a face-to-face event

People organise all kinds of face-to-face events to mark Demystifying Death Week.

Ideas from previous years include workshops to raise awareness of legal and medical forward-planning; film screenings; theatre performances; seminars; lectures; death cafes; exhibitions; lunchtime gatherings; craft events and much more. These events listings from previous years may provide some inspiration: Awareness weeks since 2013.

We have lots of resources freely available that can be used for DD Week events, including films, information leaflets, event plans and exhibitions: Demystifying Death Week Resources



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