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covid-19: planning ahead

If you are in a higher risk category and worried about what might happen if you catch covid-19, you may want to consider undertaking the following actions.

Make an Anticipatory Care Plan

Anticipatory care planning is about conversations between you, the people closest to you, and your care team – for example, your GP, nurse or consultant. These conversations should be about your wishes for your health and wellbeing if you become unwell. Please check out the fuller information on ACP here: Anticipatory Care Planning

Make other practical arrangements

You may want to consider if there are other practical arrangements that you need to make, for example if you get ill, is there someone who can look after your children or walk your dog? More information about some of the areas you might wish to consider is available here: Planning ahead for practical matters (This link takes you to pages that were published before COVID-19, but are still relevant.)

Prepare a hospital bag

If you do get ill, you might lack the energy to prepare to go to hospital. Please check out the fuller information here: Preparing for a trip to hospital

Talk to the people you care about

As well as making practical preparations, perhaps there are things you want to say to the people you love, to let them know how you feel about them.

Contribute to ongoing research

Everyone, whether healthy or unwell, can contribute to advancing vital research on COVID-19 by tracking their symptoms using this app: Covid symptom tracker

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