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helping someone you care about

in hospital or a care home

If the person is being cared for in hospital or a care home, check out this information about how you can show support even when you can't visit in person: What can I do if I can't visit someone I love?

at home

If a decision has been made, with input from healthcare professionals, that someone with covid-19 is best cared for at home, there are things that close and family members can do to provide help and support.

NHS Inform has published advice for people who are caring for others, including people with COVID-19.

This includes information about how to reduce infection to others, and how to access personal protection equipment (PPE) if you need it: NHS Inform Advice for unpaid carers providing personal care.

Most people will recover, but there are things that friends and family can do even when it seems that person is very ill and may be dying. More information about what you can do if you are supporting someone seriously ill at home with COVID-19 is available here: Supporting someone at home who is seriously ill and may be dying.



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