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Compassionate Communities Week

Compassionate Communities Week will take place across Scotland from 27 April - 3 May 2020.

It is an opportunity to acknowledge, share and grow the compassion and innovation that so many communities are showing in response to COVID-19.

During the week, we encourage people to share their good ideas and practical actions, so that we can all learn from them, including:

  • Community initiatives that show solidarity and provide practical help to NHS, social care and other essential workers.
  • Community initiatives that are providing practical help within a local community or community of identity.
  • Initiatives that support the wellbeing of health and social care staff.
  • Government and Local Authority responses that support the vulnerable and remove barriers for essential workers doing their jobs.
  • Resources and initiatives that help decrease social isolation and provide practical support to vulnerable groups and people who have been most severely affected by the coronavirus.

Get involved

You can get involved in Compassionate Communities Week by:

  • Applying for a small grant to support your own local activity.
  • Letting us know what you’re already doing – we're looking to pull together some case studies of practical actions that individuals, organisations and groups are undertaking to build a sense of connection and community at this time.
  • Sharing with us tips and resources that you think others would find helpful, for example how to stay connected with isolated family/friends, or how to look after your mental health when stuck indoors.
  • Getting active on social media and virtual groups during the week itself, to share the good work and get connected witih other communities across Scotland.

Small Grants

Small grants of up to £100 are available for communities and organisations wishing to undertake action to decrease social isolation or offer practical support to vulnerable groups over the coming weeks. You can also apply for a grant if you want to acknowledge the work of your own community during Compassionate Communities week. Those who receive a grant will be supported to share their work on the GLGDGG website and social media during Compassionate Communities Week, so that others can be inspired by, copy and spread the good work. Apply here


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