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Scottish Compassionate Communities Network

The Scottish Compassionate Communities Network is for people and organisations who want to get involved in practical work to build compassion in their own community, with a particular focus on improving people's experiences of deteriorating health, death, dying and bereavement.

The network provides opportunities for people to come together and share learning, experience, ideas and motivation.

It is free to join the network and you can sign up here.

Future Work of the network


We are currently considering the future work of the network in light of the wide-ranging impact of COVID-19. We'd be grateful for your views. Please share your views by completing this survey: Survey on future work of Scottish Compassionate Communities Network

Life, Death, Grief Get Together

This knowledge-sharing and networking event had been scheduled for May 2020 but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to reschedule, perhaps as a virtual or online event, at some point in the future.

The Truacanta Project

The Truacanta Project is a new initiative being run by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care, and funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.

The project will support local communities across Scotland who are interested in taking community action to improve people’s experiences of death, dying, loss and care.

The project aims to provide communities with access to community development support and advice, networking and learning opportunities, and support with evaluation. Read more about the project here.

Previous Events

Compassionate Communities Week

Compassionate Communities week took place 27 April - 3 May 2020, as an opportunity to acknowledge, share and grow the compassion and innovation that so many communities are showing in response to COVID-19. More information is available here: Compassionate Communities Week.

Digital Life, Legacy and Afterlife

This joint event with Marie Curie took place in June 2019, and explored practical elements such as planning, social media, online accounts and memorialisation, and online mourning and grieving, including ethical considerations that go along with it.

Unleashing Compassion Conference

2nd May 2019, Glasgow

This conference brought together members of the Compassionate Communities Network, sharing a range of work taking place in Scotland and exploring how to encourage open and supportive attitudes and behaviours relating to death, dying and bereavement in Scotland. More information is available here: Unleashing Compassion Conference.

Launch of the Scottish Compassionate Communities Network

The network launched 8 October 2018 at a sold-out event in Edinburgh (pictured) which gave delegates the chance to meet each other, make connections, and to discuss the potential creation of a Scottish Compassionate Communities toolkit. Fiona Garven, Director of the Scottish Community Development Centre, gave a presentation. The event also introduced delegates to some of the thinking behind the idea of Compassionate Communities, as outlined in Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief's report, A Road Less Lonely. You can read the report of the launch meeting here.

Everyday Compassion: Supportive responses to dying and bereavement by schools, neighbourhoods and workplaces
Wednesday 25th April 2018, Renfield St Stephen Centre, Glasgow.

This conference pre-dated the launch of the Compassionate Communities network, but laid some of the groundwork to establishment of hte network. It explored how to encourage open and supportive attitudes and behaviours relating to death, dying and bereavement in Scotland. Two hundred people attended this sell-out event, coming together to explore current thinking and practice relating to public health palliative care in Scotland. The event brought together experts from across Scotland, the UK and further afield, to examine this diverse field from various angles. More information is available here: Everyday Compassion Conference

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