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A Bereavement Charter for Children and Adults in Scotland

the Bereavement Charter for Adults and Children in Scotland

What is the Bereavement Charter for Scotland?

The Bereavement Charter describes a vision for how we can all work together to ensure adults, young people and children who are experiencing bereavement are supported.

There are also Bereavement Charter Guidance Notes that provide some more information about bereavement and the kind of support that people can find helpful.

Why do we need the Bereavement Charter?

Many of us will experience difficulties following the death of someone we know.

When that happens, it is important that we receive the support we need from the people around us. The people we know in our neighbourhood, at work or at school can help by being understanding of the situation, and by offering simple support.

The Bereavement Charter for Scotland has been created to raise awareness of the ways we can all support people who are experiencing bereavement.

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