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Good Death Week Resources

advance care planning condensed into a small origami game...

We are delighted to have worked with colleagues at NHS Lothian to produce a new mini-advance care planning prompt.... in the form of a small origami game.

The resource encourages people to 'plan your own future', and includes prompts and information relating to legal, medical, practical and personal aspects of advance care planning.

More details, including free access to download and print the game, available here: Advance Care Planning origami fortune teller game

It takes a village exhibition

The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care worked with award-winning Glasgow based photographer, Colin Gray, to produce a powerful and challenging series of portraits and personal stories. It Takes a Village explores the idea that as people’s health deteriorates, care and support comes in many guises. We have a limited number of copies of the exhibition available to tour during Awareness Week. If you would like to provide a venue to host the exhibition, please get in touch.

Information leaflets

We have available eleven different leaflets that provide information relating to death, dying and bereavement. Please get in touch if you would like to order some:

What happens when someone is dying?

What to expect when someone important to you is dying was produced by the National Council for Palliative Care, Hospice UK and Sue Ryder. With their kind permission, we've put this well-written and approachable document into a Scottish context and made the information available to members of the public on our website.

Designed for carers, families and friends of dying people, this online resource tries to answer some of the questions people may have about what happens in the very last days and hours of a person's life...

  • What happens when someone is dying?
  • Will a person's pain get worse as they get closer to dying?
  • Should I be worried?
  • What can I do to help?

Awareness week is a good opportunity to share this important and practical information.


We have available a number of short films that you are welcome to use, to raise awareness and prompt discussions. For example, 20 takes on death and dying is a 10 minute film, filmed on the streets of Paisley, Elgin and Inverness in 2011, in which ordinary people share personal reflections on death and dying.

Dining with Death Conversation Menu

The Dining with Death conversation menu is designed to act as an ice-breaker to give people inspiration and permission to talk about death-related matters.

It can be used flexibly, across different types of events and different audiences.

It is designed to overcome barriers to engagement in death discussions by intriguing participants and engaging them in non-threatening conversations through which they can learn from their own and others' experience.

The menu can be downloaded here: Conversation Menu.

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