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Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief Awareness Week 2013

13-19 May 2013 has been designated Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief Awareness Week. With the support and enthusiasm of members, we hope that we will be able to make one week in May a hive of activity, putting on a range of events and activities to raise awareness of the need for Scotland to become a place where people can be open about death, dying and bereavement.

A list of some of the events taking place during Awareness Week is available here: Awareness Week Events.

Why are we having an Awareness Week?

People and organisations all over Scotland have signed up as members of Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, showing a widespread agreement with and enthusiasm for our aims that is inspiring. We all want Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief to grow, and for more people to have a chance to think about how they can help themselves and others with the difficult times that can come with death, dying and bereavement. This Awareness Week is designed to provide an opportunity for members to focus their efforts and enthusiasm for maximum impact.

How can an Awareness Week help?

During Awareness Week, we hope that each member will do one thing to raise awareness in their own area. With over 600 members, if every member did one thing, for one week we could create all kinds of opportunities for people in Scotland to plan for and reflect on these issues. If members organise events for the same week, it should also increase opportunities for people to work together on projects of common interest or in a local area. And with so much going on, there should be more chance of coverage in local and national press.

I want to help. What should I do?

Members bring with them their own unique experiences and views relating to death, dying and bereavement. You may therefore have your own ideas about what you'd like to do as part of the Awareness Week. If not, then you could:

How does GLGDGG Awareness Week relate to Dying Matters Awareness Week?

Dying Matters is an English-based organisation with a similar structure and aims to Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief. GLGDGG Awareness Week will run at the same time as Dying Matters Awareness Week.


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