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future care planning condensed into a small origami game...

We're always looking for intriguing new ways to encourage people to plan ahead for illness and death. We are delighted to have worked with colleagues at NHS Lothian to produce a new mini-future care planning prompt.... in the form of a small origami game. You can download and print the game, free of charge, here:

Future Care Planning origami fortune teller game
Future Care Planning origami game (Chinese version) 中文生死摺紙_運在我手
(Thank you to Max Leung King-Sang of the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation for providing the translation)

You remember the folded up paper game you used to get at school? You might have known it as a fortune teller... We have taken the format and filled it with engaging questions about planning ahead.

The new resource encourages people to 'plan your own future', and includes prompts and information relating to legal, medical, practical and personal aspects of advance care planning.



- You can print off either an A4 version of the game, or an A3 version. We also have a version in Chinese (中文生死摺紙_運在我手)

- The resource works best if you print it double-sided. However, if this isn't an option, you can print single sided - this will produce two sheets - one sheet will have the game, another sheet with additional information.

- It looks good in full colour, or printed on coloured paper, but it also works nicely in black and white.

- If you get a message that says 'the margins of section 1 are beyond the printable boundaries of the page', simply click 'yes' to continue - the resource should print out fine.




There are folding instructions on the resource itself. This generic video we found on You Tube video also shows how to the fold paper to make the game: YouTube instructions


1) Pick a word from the top level of the game ('Plan' or 'Your' or 'Own' or 'Future')

2) Snap the game in and out the number of times that corresponds to the number of letters in that word. (eg, 'Own', 3 letters - snap the game in and out 3 times saying the letters as you go - 'O'---'W'---'N'.)

3) Then, pick one of the four words that is visible at the next level. (eg 'Talk, Plan, Share or Live' OR 'Medical, Practical, Legal, Personal'.)

4) Lift the flap under that word to reveal a question relating to that word.

More information

Once you've played for long enough, you can unfold the game completely to reveal more information on the reverse side of the paper, about future care planning and where to go for further information.

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